Thursday, June 23, 2011


Suzanne and I have been friends for about ten years. We met when we were both in college studying to become teachers. We worked at the same daycare center and became quick friends. Now we're both older, married, and have babies just 3 weeks apart in age. The other day I got a shocking email from Suzanne. She told me that she had been having some stomach problems recently. She had a colonoscopy that showed polyps. The polyps had tested positive for cancer, and she was having part of her colon removed the next day (today). 

I expect for my mom to get news like this from her friends. Even then it would be shocking to me. But MY friend? It seems so impossible. She's only 31. Her baby is only a year old. Today is only her 4th wedding anniversary. How can this be happening?

I immediately said a prayer, and of course have been praying all day today. Thinking about Suzanne brings me nose-to-nose with reality - that none of us are guaranteed a long time or great health or good fortune. It doesn't matter our age or anything else. It's a wake-up call for all of us - especially us young adults feeling like we're untouchable. Don't let arguments go without resolving them. Don't let your hubby leave for work without a kiss and an I love you, even if you've been in a disagreement. Gosh, and kiss those babies. All day. I know I do.

Suzanne has her youth and her faith on her side. She hasn't been "sick" as we think of someone with cancer. She's also a strong and healthy girl. I know that she will do all that is necessary and more to beat this illness. Lord willing, this surgery today will be her last experience with cancer. But I know her life will never be the same. How could it be?

So in addition to all of the hugs and kisses and I love yous, please include Suzanne and her family when you pray today. I know they'll appreciate it, and so will I. 

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