Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Cutest Play-date Ever

My BFF-since-we-were-12, Mary Beth came over yesterday with her little boy, Nick who is just 5 months older than our Bebe. They have always been super adorable together, but yesterday was particularly ridiculously cute so I decided to share that with you. It's what my blog is for, after all ;)  They're still pretty young to play "together" but they parallel play and are definitely aware of each other. They interact and smile and laugh at each other. It's seriously cuter and cuter every time they see each other. It also doesn't hurt that they are two of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen, like ever. And Nick has a baby brother due to arrive right around Christmas time- be still my heart!

Here's the cuteness for ya...
 We had a hard time getting them both to say "cheese" at the same time, as evidenced by the photos above and below. 

 Here they are both being pretty cheesy at the same time

 All I said was "Can you give Nick a hug? He's going home." And she went right in for the kill.

Aren't they they sweetest though? I hope they stay close as they grow up and at the very least can look at these and laugh that their moms took pictures of them smooching. I also wouldn't be disappointed if Mary Beth and I continued to have babies of the opposite sex just a few months apart who all grew up and married each other. Our grandchildren would be uncommonly beautiful. 

And I'll stop there :) You're welcome for the adorable photos and the warm fuzzies that came with. Come back Monday for more cuteness when I post photos from our trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with my siblings and neices/nephews! 

Happy weekend :)

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