Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well Done

Sadly, yesterday the world lost one of the most influential technological leaders of our lifetime. Kind of made me feel like a meanie for complaining about the lack of iPhone 5 earlier this week. It's incredibly sad for such a bright light in the world to go out so early. When I think about Steve Jobs and his accomplishments I'm in awe. To have such a profound impact on the world, on the way human life is lived, in such a short time is simply amazing. The guy is a legend and a pioneer. He will never be forgotten on this earth because his life's work is integrated into all of our lives. His innovations will go on. His company will continue to create new tools around which we will continue to function. I'm glad that he was able to leave here having seen the positive difference he and his work made in the world. Isn't that what we all want, after all? To leave knowing we won't be forgotten and that what we did here had a positive and lasting impact. Well done, Steve :)

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