Friday, October 28, 2011

Dreaming of a white Halloween?

Me either. But alas, the forecast is calling for snow tomorrow. For our area it's more likely to be a rain/snow mix and not really accumulate more than an inch or two (if that), but it's unusual nonetheless for this time of year. Hopefully it's not an indication of the winter that lies ahead! Gotta say, snow before Halloween certainly makes the global warming argument hard to buy.

Our Halloween plans are simple. We will be going to my sister's house to see her munchkins. C will be dressed up (you'll have to return next week for those pictures) and we'll carry her around the neighborhood with her cousins, but we're not collecting candy for her. I can't bring myself to be one of those parents who holds out their adorable toddler expecting Reece's Cups and gum and return. Obviously the 18-month old is not eating a bag full of candy, and those parents are capable of going to the store to buy their own Reece's cups. Get real. I feel the same about those people as I do about the 17-year old guys who knock on the door dressed in their high school football uniforms. Lame.

Oh my gosh, and as we type the daycare center one street over is parading their tiny tots through our street in their little costumes! They aren't knocking on doors or anything, just having a parade. Too stinkin cute!

He's taking pictures of my pumpkins!

Fast forward a few hours, and here are our pumpkins lit up at night!

Not too bad, right? C loved them, even though she doesn't look so excited in this picture. She was mostly wondering why we were sitting her on the front steps in the dark and telling her to say cheese. Haha :) When we got inside she was talking excitedly about Elmo and meow. I'm pretty excited to put her in her costume and see what she thinks about the Halloween experience this year!

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