Saturday, March 24, 2012

C-baby: 23 Months

While I truly can't believe she's 23 months old, I'll save the "I can't believe she's...." talk for next month.  For this post I really just want to talk about all the cute and amazing things she's doing lately. 

She sings the ABCs entirely (ok, LMNOP gets a little mushed together). More impressive is that when I wash her hands, she starts singing it without any prompting. So proud :)

Her favorite things are dancing, coloring, playing outside (other kids = even better), Sesame Street and the Muppets. She knows a lot of songs but her favorite by far is Rainbow Connection. She also really likes Happy Birthday and asks me to sing it in the car using the names of every single person we know.

She now talks in sentences of more than 2 words. Usually they start with "I want" such as, "I want meeeelk," or "I want snack." It's not in an annoying demanding way either. She has the most adorable, irresistible and endearing way of asking for something. We're in so much trouble.

Other sentences start with "I watch (usually Muppets or Sesame Street)," "I hear," "I see," "I touch," all that kind of stuff. You know, the self-centered world of the toddler :)

Still totally into "hair-planes" and stops to say hi, wave, and say bye-bye every time she hears one. In fact one of the sentences she says most often is, (GASP) "I hear... hair-plane!"

She's been able to count to ten for a while, but now she tries to go beyond ten. She makes it to about 13 before she starts making things up. It's adorable though, so who am I to stop her? She has also started trying to identify letters. She calls them all A or C, but it's a start! :)

She has gotten super independent. She's always been pretty independent, but her big thing now is going down stairs by herself. We've tried teaching her to hold onto the railing but she's still not totally safe to do it alone. Regardless, don't even think about trying to carry her out to the car. I've learned to budget an extra 5-8 minutes for getting out the door and to the curb once we're all ready to leave. She's also very adamant about feeding herself with her own utensils. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn't.

Perhaps of most note and excitement at this point is that she has started using the potty! I bought a baby toilet seat with Sesame Street characters on it and started sitting her on it just to try it out and get used to it. One day I saw her making "the face" and asked if she wanted to do it on the potty. She was willing, and it happened! She's not consistent yet, but she does tell me when she has to go "poot" by saying, "I poot on the potty!" I think it will be a little while before she can tell me in advance that she needs to pee, but for now I'm thrilled to be cleaning up fewer dirty diapers!

She has us pretty well convinced that she's a lefty at this point. She colors, eats and throws with her left hand consistently. I wouldn't say she never uses her right, but it's not as often and she is not quite as proficient with it even though she can do pretty well.

Turns out our girlie-girl flips a little switch when we get outside to play. She's totally into rocks (ok, even if she pretends that they're cookies), sticks, dirt, and general exploring. A lot of times at the play ground she wanders away from the actual play equipment and talks to bugs or picks up sticks and pine cones to play with instead. I think it's that super imagination of hers ;)

With all the coloring she loves to do, we're starting to learn some colors. She knows the names of a lot of colors, but doesn't quite identify them correctly. She almost always calls purple and pink "purple-pink." She can correctly identify blue and orange, and the rest are kind of random. Sometimes she gets them right and sometimes she doesn't, so I'm pretty sure she's just giving it a good guess, haha!

She's also learning shapes. She has known heart, star, and moon (circle) for a while - like since she was able to say the words which has been probably a good 6-8 months. But more recently she correctly identifies triangles (of all shapes!) and sometimes squares.

Her current favorite books are the classic Goodnight Moon (she loves the moon and stars), the Little Pookie books, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, and Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear. She knows all the animals in Brown Bear and Polar Bear. Polar Bear is a little more impressive though with animals like the flamingo, peacock, hippo, and walrus. The best is that there's a zookeeper at the end which she calls the "zoo-koopie." Her favorite animal seems to be an elephant.

She remains a pretty good eater, though she definitely gravitates toward vegetables and grains over anything else. She absolutely loves beans and rice, steamed peas/broccoli/green beans/carrots/corn, and sometimes she even chows down on salad which I find surprising given its texture. She does eat chicken or beef sometimes, but she's not crazy about it and rarely eats a portion that could be considered a meal. Most of her protein comes from eggs, beans & rice, and greek yogurt which she eats almost daily. She will drop everything for chocolate.

She loves to look at pictures and videos of people we know, especially herself (ha, toddlers). She often asks us to see pictures of herself, us, or her cousins on our phones. A few times she has even asked my friends to see pictures of her cousins on their phones. On a daily basis though, she asks to "Watch Lucy, a Molly, a Claire!" our beloved pals in Texas. Ever since their visit last month, she has been obsessed. She always liked watching their videos before but just called them "kids and baby." Now they're real! It's adorable though and if there are any youtube videos I can stand for her to watch, it's them :)

I know there are probably hundreds of other things I'm forgetting. I've been thinking about this post for at least a month and trying to make mental note of all the stinking-adorable things she says and does that I needed to include. But you know how mental notes go. When it's time to write them down they're only about half there. I'll try and do better next time and add some more in a month when the big birthday rolls around :) This gives a pretty good idea for now.

Anyone else have a 23-month old (or any-month old) who says and does the cutest things ever?? Do share!

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