Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dishwasher Disappointment

Sneak peek - there she is! :D

I did get to peek inside and admire her glory

But sadly, in the end, we're still staring at this now non-functional dishwasher :(

I guess I don't need need to say much beyond the title. The dishwasher install didn't work out. It actually started off really well and J was feeling confident that he'd be able to do it, but when it came time to disconnect some copper pipes we discovered that they were soldered together in multiple places. We certainly lack the appropriate equipment to take them apart without causing possible damage, so we decided to leave it for the pros. Ooohhhhh welllllllll. I've survived 5 years with this one, what's a few more days of staring at it? We just need to find the right person to take care of it for us. Doesn't it always happen when you're so so so excited for something that you get thisclose and it just dangles in front of your face for a while? No fun. 

Meanwhile, I'm working on creating some art for the kitchen and play room that I'm really excited to share! Check back for that an a dishwasher update in the next few days :D

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  1. I'm surprised Best Buy didn't set you up with anyone? When we bought our dishwasher many moons ago (Sears I think) they gave us 2-3 plumbers that they have used in the past for installation and we choose one and ended up really liking him, we've used in for many many things since. Not that that helps you right now, haha, but I guess my point is, maybe contact Best Buy, see if they "know a guy"? I admire you two gave it a go! I am loving all the home remodel blogs!


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