Saturday, March 17, 2012

Huge Thanks!

I have to say a huge (seriously HUGE) thanks to Katie, Sherry, Cassie and Erin who put together the Pinterest Challenge.

Special thanks to Sherry who hosted the big link-up on her blog. My stats were exponentially higher than usual and way better than I had imagined. Hopefully the traffic generated by my participation will result in some new regular readers! =) Thanks also to everyone who was interested in my project enough to come check it out! I am rather proud of both the finished product and also my ability to just go for it and put it all together completely from scratch. I would LOVE to hear from anyone else who gives that project a try and see how yours turns out! I am already looking forward to finding another great DIY endeavor to create and share :) Off hand I'm thinking it might be some art for my newly naked kitchen wall... You'll have to stay tuned to find out though!

Thanks again, Pinterest Challenge girls and lovely readers!!!

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