Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning Week: Day 2

And happy first day of spring! Yesterday's cleaning endeavor was a huge, minty-fresh success! The entire upstairs filled with fresh air and subtle mint and eucalyptus scents of my favorite cleaning products.

Our master bedroom is completely dust-free...
...and cozi-fied with fluffy, cheerful spring bedding...
My dresser is filled with neatly stacked tank-tops and otherwise colorful, flowy articles of clothing...
The master bathroom is also gleaming, though I decided not to take pictures. I can't imagine anyone really cares to see a photo of a shower wall. We don't even have pretty tile, it's just white squares! What I did not get finished from the task list was the clearing out old & unused items. Put that on my list for Friday :)

On to today's task...

Main Bathroom & C's Bedroom
I'll be giving the main bathroom the same treatment our master bath got yesterday, a thorough scrubbing plus recaulking and resealing the grout.

In C's room,
  - Dust everything
  - Fresh bedding
  - Pack up winter clothes
  - Reorganize closet and changing table

I also plan to hang some shelves and fill up a collage frame we've had for a while with pictures of her cousins. Since C is constantly moving out of one stage and into another, I feel like her room is constantly changing as well. We are always putting away things we don't use anymore and bringing in something new that we haven't needed until now. As long as it's not time to move the crib out and a big-girl bed in, I'll be ok :)

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