Friday, March 9, 2012


Haven't heard that one for a while, have you? ;)

Well I have bad news. Our appliance delivery has been pushed back once again to the 22nd! Good thing they called my crafty husband who sweet-talked them into giving us some kind of refund as consolation for making us wait so long for the delivery. People are never accommodating to me. Have I ever told you the story of our honeymoon airline tickets?  The short version is that I bought tickets, the flight then got changed two times and left us with something like a 9-hour layover in Puerto Rico on our return trip on December 23rd. When I called to explain that this was unacceptable I was told that I could continue to monitor flights online myself to look for something better, but there would be a fee assessed for changing flights when/if I did find a new one. My husband called and was given new non-stop tickets on an entirely different airline and they were some $300 cheaper so we got a refund. Seriously?!

Anyway, here we sit, still cooking on the coil stove. Siiiiiigh.

Tonight is "girls' night" in our house - that means me and C-baby doing what we do.... cranking up the Laurie Berkner and dancing like fools. We may even get a little crazy and break out some play dough. I'm not sure yet. Daddy will be at a friend's 30th birthday celebration at Max's Taphouse in Baltimore. I'd love to join the celebration, but alas, someone has to mind the baby and we have a bunch of occasions coming up for which we have to leave her with a sitter, so I chose to stay home with her tonight. It's for the best anyway since she has finally come down with a bug she has been fighting since around Tuesday. It's a barking cough, runny nose, and a weepy eye. For a kid who is rarely sick (she's had the sniffles maybe 5 times in her life) she's rather pitiful. When I went in to get her from her crib this morning her hair was stuck to her face with tears from the weepy eye and snot :(  Her weepy eye is just the tiniest bit puffy and red (around the eye, not the eyeball itself) so between that and the runny nose you can tell she's sick just by looking at her. I feel just terrible for her, but she's not running a fever as of yet -knock on keyboard- so hopefully it won't require a trip to the doctor. I always feel like it's such a risk going into the "SICK" side of the waiting room. We've only had to go there once or twice, most recently for a patch of eczema, and I was downright terrified. She's got a pretty solid immune system though. I built up a hard-core resistance from working at a daycare for 5 years. Hopefully she's feeling better tomorrow. It's her cousin's 7th birthday party and since she has recently realized what "birthdays" are (cake, singing, presents), I know she will enjoy the party.

Gosh, so we've covered appliances, our honeymoon flight, what we're doing with our Friday night, and C's recent illness.... might as well just complete the gamut with a music video, right?

This is Michael Kiwanuka. He kind of has a Ben Harper~Jack Johnson thing going on. This is the extent of his work that I've heard so I can't speak for the rest of it, but I really liked this song.

Happy Weekend :D

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