Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

We had a lovely Fathers Day spent with J's family at his parents' house. We pretty much enjoyed the beautiful weather, swam in the pool, and picked crabs! Well, everyone else picked crabs. I like crab meat but I am not into the picking. If you have to remove your food's lungs and clear out its gut before eating, I'm out. I had kebobs though, so it was all good :)  C and her cousin ran hard all day so she was totally wiped out by the time we got home around 8:30, which is her bed time anyway.

Earlier in the week C and I (or, just I) made J a little picture holder for his desk at work. I love a home-made gift, especially from kids to parents. There's something sweet and sentimental that just makes it better than anything in a store. Here's a quick explanation of how we (or, just I) made it...

I started out with some chip board letters (found at Hobby Lobby) and a few sheets of decorative scrapbook paper. Much like another craft I did at Christmas time, I simply traced the letters onto the paper, cut them out and glued them onto the chip board to make them pretty. As you can see here, I also used 2 paper clips and some hot glue to make a little stand at the bottom of the letter so it wouldn't fall over, and also a photo-holder at the top of the letter so a photo can be easily displayed.

Our final product looked like this! He loved it :D
Just so you know we spent more than $3.49 on him for Fathers Day, we also got him an awesome pair of sunglasses that he had on his wish list :)

Some photos of our fun at J's parents' house. I only wish I had gotten one with J's dad. What was I thinking?

I hope all the dads and dads-to-be out there had a wonderful Fathers Day too! :D

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  1. Love the photo holder idea! You might see something similar gracing our shelves next time you're over (if I were to get my butt in gear and buy the supplies and make one)!


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