Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Amazing C

I felt I was time to give a little update on our amazing little girl. I swear at this age no one is kidding when they say kids learn/say/do something new every. single. day. We are constantly being baffled, amused, impressed, and totally tickled by the things she is saying and doing. Here are a few of the things that have taken us by surprise lately...

She has started identifying letters. We really haven't spent much time working on this, it's just something she is starting to pick up. SO... I've decided it's time to make her some photo flash cards with photos of people, places, and things she is familiar with. What 2 year-old knows things like rope, jam, or overalls (real examples from our current flash cards)?

She knows all the colors of the rainbow, and black and "wipe."

She says things like, "No mommy, no pants, mm-mmmm." And otherwise begs to pick out her own clothes... and hair accessories. Love her :)

She does pretend voices for her toys. The other day in the car I heard her in the backseat doing a pretend voice for Abby Cadabby. Abby was talking about everything outside the car - sky, trees, cars, clouds, airplanes.

Everything she sees in groups she excitedly points out are a mommy and baby, or a daddy and baby.

Her favorite thing to play outside is "run, run, run!"  This is exactly what it sounds like. She even bends down and says, "Set... Go!" and then takes off running :)

She can correctly identify squares, circles, triangles, stars and hearts.

She hugs her daddy when he comes home after work and says "I missed you."

Our neighborhood is beautifully dandelion-free thanks to her love of picking flowers.

She sings along with her favorite songs (most recently the Tangled soundtrack) using things like toy chicken legs as a microphone, and loves to jam with daddy on drums, guitar, or keyboard.

When we call her name, she answers "Yes?" Seriously the cutest thing.

She refers to playing out front as "new outside."

She knows animals like peacocks and flamingos. And turtles say, "Cowabunga."

Her most recent favorite foods are apples and peaches. She especially likes peach yogurt which she calls "peachie go."

If you ask her what time is it? She answers, "Game time!" And if you ask her if she'll protect this house? She answers, "I will!" Girl loves her Ravens.

Ok, so maybe you have to be her mom or dad to find all of these things so incredible and amazing. Nonetheless, I write a blog and part of that blog is keeping people up to date on my child. So, here you have it. These are some things my cute baby is doing. You're welcome :)

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