Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Most Wonderful Weekend

I can only hope that everyone else had as an enjoyable weekend as Josh and I did. To begin, on Friday night we had a blast babysitting Amberly's 2 boys for a few hours while she and Chris enjoyed a night out in beautiful downtown Columbia. Leo was so excited to be here and even told us, "I'm excited to be at your house!" It might have been the first time he's been here. We made mac 'n cheese for dinner, played Rock Band a little, and walked down the street to the park where he played with a bunch of other little kids. Even Evan loved the stroller ride in the warm evening air and sitting out at the park with me and Sheppie while Josh and Leo played. The dark creeped up on us though and we had to start walking back home. The whole walk home Leo and Josh took turns talking to all the frogs we heard by yelling "Ribbit!" back to them. It was so cute. When we got back to the house, Leo wanted to watch a movie so Josh turned on Star Wars Episode 3 (not necessarily for three-year olds, but what do you expect from Josh?). Leo had originally asked to watch Sponge Bob, so while he was totally enamored by the robots and light-saber fights, every so often he'd ask "Is Sponge Bob in this?" Eventually the parents came back and it was time for him to go but we promised he could come over again soon.

Here are some pictures from Friday night:

5 month old Evan holding his own bottle while Mimi reached for the camera.
He's GT already! :o)

Playing Rock Band -- Leo was good for about one song after begging to play the drums all through dinner... haha, the attention span of a 3-year old.

On our walk to the park. Leo was very excited about everything he saw. We also live just about 10 minutes from the airport, so planes fly low over our house all the time. He loved seeing the planes looking so BIG.

Sheppie made a pit-stop, Leo picked a flower

A picture that almost perfectly captures how much Evan looks exactly like Amberly when she was a baby (and does not look like Leo).

Evie expressing his true excitement about being at the park!

Josh and Leo on the playground equipment

Heading home :o)

Yesterday was a very relaxing day. We got up and made breakfast, watched some Arrested Development, and did a little this and that around the house. Then we went to Old Navy because I wanted some new jeans. I was excited to fit in my normal size since I've been a little concerned about gaining the "newlywed-15" lately. I won't claim to have looked like a supermodel in them, but they fit, and I fully intend to get myself looking fabulous in them shortly. Then we put a quick salad together and went to Frank's (josh's uncle) to watch The Godfather II with him, Jennie and Michael. We had a traditional Italian dinner -- Lasagne, salad, bread, red wine, and cannolis for dessert. It was lovely and we had so much fun with them.

Today was another sleep-in and relax kind of day. We went to Kohl's to spend a gift card from a returned wedding gift. Instead of buying a wedding gift we bought a cart full of clothes for ourselves though! It was really fun. Now we're just home enjoying the amazing weather and getting ready for the week. I have a take-home final exam I should be writing that's due on Thursday and a presentation I need to finalize for my final on Wednesday. But it's the weekend after all and there's always Monday and Tuesday :o)


  1. Love the pictures! Glad you all had a good time! Im always hesitant to ask you to watch the kids just cause I know you deal with kids ALL DAY at work. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciated it though, it was SO SO NICE to go out and have adult conversation. It reminded us of when we were dating cause we did similar things ... a stroll around the mall, dinner at Changs, and starbucks at B&N as dessert. Anyways, THANKS again for being a super cool Aunt & Uncle ... please tell Josh the same. :)

  2. What a great weekend! And what a great aunt and uncle you two are! Man I swear I love my sister a million times more when she babysits for me--that's true love!And aren't Amber's kids the CUTEST. seriously, that's just ridiculous how cute they are. gap babies anyone?Oh and tell Josh I'm digging the hairstyle. John grew out a goatee, which I liked, but he's back to smooth faced handsomeness, which I also like. :)


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