Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Helped Boost the Economy

As you've seen, I haven't really blogged as much as I thought I would when my classes ended. It's not for a lack of time, but more for a lack of anything to write about. It still seems like if I just write one per week about the weekend, I've pretty much covered anything noteworthy. This is the exciting life we lead. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Josh has been working really long hours. I've probably mentioned before that he works in a 3 person office, but the other two people resigned back before our wedding in December and haven't been replaced yet. That's mostly because Josh works 12-hour days and manages to keep things afloat, so it hasn't been that big of a problem for the company. Unfortunately, it means he doesn't usually get home until around 7pm. That leaves us time for dinner and maybe an episode or two of a show. Anyway, you can see how that's not exactly the stuff great blogs are made of, haha :o)

One exciting thing that did happen last week though was a teeny weeny shopping spree I went on. With our tax return we did a lot of important things - paid some things off, did some repairs, and of course put some money away. But we also decided to each take a little money to update our wardrobes. We both complain about hating all of our clothes because neither of us ever really buys new clothes. I always feel like the money would be better spent some other way. But after a while you have a closet full of clothes you bought ten years ago that are stretched, faded, stained, out of style, you name it. So this was my big opportunity!

It happened kind of randomly. See, we're visiting some of Josh's family in Florida at the end of June so I thought it would be a good idea to have a bathing suit and some shorts I felt comfortable wearing in front of them. Not that I dress inappropriately on a regular basis, but I'm not breaking out a regular 2-piece bathing suit in front of his family. Really, in my current shape, he'd be lucky if I wore it in front of him. I had seen some of those simple mix-and-match suits at Old Navy when I was there a little bit ago so I decided to shop online and see what I could find. Well, I found a cute bathing suit but one thing led to another and I started looking at other things. Usually when I shop I buy tops. So I decided it was time to invest in some new bottoms. I can never find khakis long enough for me, and I really needed some new shorts. I was in luck! I found khakis in long sizes for $25, bermudas for $22.50, and shorts that were actually marked with their inseam lengths for $15. I found the inseams to be a huge help since my long legs tend to make shorts look that much shorter, and it can be really hard to judge length when you're shopping online. I have a hard time finding the balance between the barely-longer-than-underwear shorts that they market for teenagers and well, the shorts my mom wears. I'm not ready for high-rise yet. Fortunately, the ones I found were medium-rise (still below the belly button, but don't show underwear when you sit down) and a nice 5" inseam. On me, that's just above mid-thigh. I'm not gonna lie, I stocked up. And with prices like that, you should too. You won't find Gap-quality fashion at that price anywhere else. I don't think you can even find a pair of shorts in Kohl's for $15 and their quality is a far cry. I was also happy to find my size in every style and color I wanted, which doesn't always happen when you shop in-store.

Ok, sales-pitch over :o) A quick rundown of the weekend, and then I'll end this: Friday night we went to the O's game with our little buddy Ray. He's an Orioles expert at the age of 5. His parents have season tickets beside the O's dugout so he's friends with the players and all other staff at Camden Yards. Anyway, when they have extras, they invite us to come along. It wasn't exactly the best baseball weather- a little windy, chilly, and at times rainy. But we had a good time and the O's won! At the end of the game they were having fireworks and little Ray does not like fireworks. So as soon as the game was over we were all gathering our things and saying goodbye, and realized that Ray had taken off and was already about 20 rows up trying to get out of the park before fireworks started. Being the closest, I ran after him. When I caught up to him I suggested that we just stop at the top of the steps and wait for his mom. He never looked up at me but I heard him reply, "Just KEEP WALKING. Fireworks are starting in 20 minutes!" He hides out in the Fan Assistance office during the display, so I proceeded to follow him there. It was too funny. We finally made it to Fan Assistance where his mom caught up to us and we got to say goodbye.

Saturday was madness. We went out in the morning to take stumps from old hedges out of our front garden. That was a joy. Then we had to shower and head to Eldersburg for Lacy's dance recital at 3:30. We stayed until intermission so we got to see two of her three dances. I have pictures but this post is long enough. I'll try to add them later. Then we had to hit the road to grab some dinner and make it to my school in Burtonsville (about an hour from Eldersburg) for a show that was going on there. That ran until almost 10:00 and by that time we were pretty exhausted. We came home and watched Indiana Jones since I've never seen any of them and there's a new one out soon. And today is for relaxing. It's very rainy and chilly. I need to clean the bathroom and give the dog a bath, but it's almost 1:30 and I haven't done that yet. I guess I need to get a move on.

Thanks for reading. I hope you had a great weekend! Look for pictures later :o)

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  1. Great job boosting the economy! You've inspired me to do my part in behalf of my wardrobe! :) Sounds like the O's game was fun and I hear you about the two piece. He's lucky if I don't break out the t-shirt to cover the huge one piece suit I have! lol


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