Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Final Final

I just emailed in my final final! Ok, maybe final is the wrong word, because it's only my second semester of grad school with six more to go... ack! But, for now it's my final final! Ok, also let's not forget a 1-3 page paper (laughable) due sometime this weekend in reaction to my presentation / group work from my other class. Regardless, I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief and once again blogging without guilt! Some people (everyone) have babies that keep them busy, I have grad school. And unlike you, I get a three week break during which I can pretend grad school doesn't exist!

Unfortunately for you the reader, it hasn't been a very eventful week since our fabulous weekend. I've basically been busy working on my two finals- a presentation and a 4-essay take-home exam due Wednesday and Thursday respectively, and grading a massive (honestly, like 5-6 inches) stack of papers because interims are due tomorrow. Thank God for my student aide and a huge field trip today. The kids went to the "Newseum" in D.C. which is apparently new and free to D.C. metro-area schools for a limited time. Since newspapers are part of the 6th grade reading curriculum they took a free field trip there today. It took the entire day and more than half of all of my kids. In one class I had five kids. The significantly reduced numbers made it very easy to give an assignment and plop at my desk to grade like a maniac. My aide is only with me for one class period but she graded like a maniac too and we got it all done. I even had time during the last class to enter the grades on the computer. There is still other interim data I'll have to enter tomorrow but today was huge. I owe her a candy bar or something. This girl really is amazing. I taught her 2 years ago, she's now an 8th grader. And two years ago, at the first mention of Josh this 6th grader insisted that he and I were more than friends. At the time we were not but she was relentless. Although she now has obviously known for a long time that Josh and I were together, engaged, and married, today she left a sticky note on his picture that sits on my desk. It simply said "I knew it. -LW" Ha! I love her.

Ok, dishes are waiting. And I have leftovers to prepare! My husband should be home sometime before bed time. Go ahead and look forward to other blogs :o) You know you do anyway.

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