Monday, May 12, 2008

Two More Mondays

First, let me say I hope that all of my mom-friends had a beautiful Mother's day. As I mentioned in the last post, Josh and I spent the morning at his parents' house and then went to my mom's for the afternoon. It was a really fun day with lots of people and food. My sister worked it out so that her in-laws came to our mom's as well and she didn't have to leave in the afternoon to visit them. Despite the really gross weather we enjoyed the full house- running, squealing kids and all.

So now it's Monday afternoon and I don't have a single page of homework to think about. This is both liberating and frightening. First, hooray that I don't have homework to do and I can do anything I want (or all those things I wished I was doing instead of homework). But then, what about all the things I should get done like cleaning, straightening, and other administrivia? I still don't feel like doing those. There are piles of old mail to sort through, magazines to keep/toss, the dog to bathe and trim... and yet the thought of a nap will not get out of my head. Maybe a power nap would cure me. When Josh has nothing to do, he's productive. He starts cleaning and organizing. When I have nothing to do, I want to stare at the walls. It's just so rare that I have nothing to do, that's my way of savoring it. I think my work does this to me. It gives me the desire for mindlessness due to it's extremely high-alert nature. Ah, but the days are numbered (22 to be exact). I had my last committee meeting today, and my last department meeting will be next Monday (and that will leave only 2 more Mondays, while we're counting). It will be a magical day when I exit that building for the last time.

Ok, that could go on for a while. I'm taking myself up on the power nap suggestion. Then maybe I'll have the motivation to sort, or stack, or organize. I kind of doubt it, but at least I'll have had a nap! :o)

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