Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Circle of Life

Simba meets the world for the first time
(Circle of Life by Sir Elton John plays)

Silliness aside, the past two weeks have been a real illustration of the "circle of life" for me. It began on Monday last week. I went down to the counseling office at school at the beginning of third period for my internship and when I arrived I found out that my mentor was going to be out all week due to the death of her sister. What a tough thing. I wished I had known her sister was even sick. Not that she would have wanted to talk about it all the time or that I would have done anything different. The very next day when I arrived at the counseling office I walked in to find the county crisis team. A student who had been battling cancer for a few years had passed away that morning. Wow. This child was only in 10th grade. I couldn't imagine what his family was going through. The hardest part for me was seeing his friends on the wrestling team, teenage boys yet children at the same time, sitting there crying at the news. I really questioned my ability to be a good counselor in situations like that. I was barely holding it together as it was, and I had never even met this student. In addition to these stories, baby Stellan was back in the hospital and not getting any better.

Just when it seemed like bad news was all around, the weekend came. Jenna, my mom and I threw a great baby shower for my sister and got to focus on the new life that is about to join our family. We had so much fun surrounded by all the cutsie baby girl stuff! Then just yesterday I read on MckMama's blog that although Stellan had to fly to Boston for another heart surgery even sooner than they had expected, by an amazing act of God, the surgery was a complete success! After suffering from SVT since before birth, Stellan was SVT-free and likely to stay that way. What a wonderful miracle. Could there be any clearer a sign of God's power and love? This child, whose case has baffled doctors for over a year, is healed when an assisting doctor suggests going through the aorta to access the part of the heart they've been desperately trying to fix. You can only give that glory to God. Read more here. And if Stellan's story isn't enough excitement (which, believe me, it is), my best friend since 7th grade, Mary Beth is going into the hospital in the morning to deliver her first baby! Poor thing is being induced since she's a week and a half overdue, but hanging in there like a champ. She and her husband are going to be parents tomorrow! And that makes me an aunt! (again!) So just as last week saw lives leave us here on earth, this week God is giving us new life left and right. What could be more exciting?

So that has been my "circle of life" experience the past two weeks. It has given me a lot to think about and to be grateful for. Young, old, rich, poor, you name it... the truth is we have no guarantees when it comes to our lives here on earth, except that God is good and those that believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. It's true. He promised :]

I am going to let this post stand alone as my positive events log for today. I can't think of anything more positive than what I've already said!

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