Thursday, June 24, 2010


Speaking of time... (2 posts ago), do any of you read That Wife? She recently did a post chronicling 24 hours of her life with her 2 month old baby to explain what a SAHM of a young baby does all day. I found it to be starkly different from 24 hours with my 2 month old baby. Now, given that we are different people in different parts of the world with different patterns and habits, it's not that unbelievable that there would be some contrast between a day in each of our lives. However, since our babies are 2 weeks apart in age, from the parent/baby perspective specifically I was somewhat surprised at the differences.

SO, I have been inspired to chronicle 24 hours of my life with our 2 month old Sweet Baby Girl. Aren't you excited? You will notice if you read That Wife's blog, that she began her chronicle at 12:00 am. I am going to begin at bedtime tonight. Why?? Well for us, because our day is different than That Family, we're asleep at midnight. I'm not waking up to take a photo in the dark. And in the morning, sometimes we wake up and go back to sleep several times between 3 and 7 am, so I'm not really sure what I consider the start of our day. Therefore, we'll begin at bedtime which is probably the most consistent event of our day.

If you haven't yet, head over to That Wife Blog and read this post of 24 hours in That Wife's life so you can compare our stories.

Check back over the weekend for my post!


  1. Were you horrified by the asleep-on-the-couch photo too? Face buried in corner of couch...? EEK!

  2. SO cool! I can't wait to see your post! I adore the Becks. 24 hours with them is heavenly any way you shake it!

  3. I'm sorry but I can't stand that blog of hers, I just, cringed nearly the entire time, I have to days differed considerably many questions for her actions lol, but I am VERY excited to read/see your 24 hour blog :0) You're awesome!

  4. Yes, I was MORTIFIED at the picture of her baby sleeping with his face up against the couch. Maybe it was the camera angle and he really wasn't as close to the corner as he looked!


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