Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ever heard of a 6 week old baby that eats ketchup? Me either! What I really meant is "catch up" because I need to catch up on my blog in a serious way. We've had a very busy couple of weeks. I'll try to give it to you in a nutshell.

It all started Wednesday May 26th. Baby Girl went to her first baseball game! Yes, that's a baseball that her daddy caught for her :]

On Thursday May 27th, she saw her mommy get a master's degree!

On Friday May 28th she met her great grandparents for the first time!

May 31st we had a cookout at Nana's with her cousins, aunts and uncles

June 1st she helped mommy celebrate her 28th birthday!

Daddy was off work through June 1st, and we spent the rest of that week at our various doctor appointments. At Baby Girl's one month check up she weight 10 lbs. 1 oz. which was the 75th percentile for her age. She was also 23" long which was off the chart! We have ourselves one tall baby girl :]

That's kind of the long and short of what we've been up to lately. There are still two more posts coming in the "Transition to Mommyhood" series, so stay tuned for those. Is it a little comical that the post on time has taken me the longest to compose?? The final post for the series will be on a variety of little things that have made a big difference in my transition to Mommyhood. I'll also give you my humble opinion on some products and practices!

Oh and real quick before I go -- my attempt to cut out dairy was foiled. While the great grandparents were in town, we went to a German Bistro in Leesburg for lunch one day. The sandwich I ordered (knowing little to nothing about the food) was covered in sour cream. I could have scraped it off and eaten dry meat on a pita but I said "oh well." Then I ate ice cream since I'd already had sour cream! I thought Baby Girl's fussiness had started improving but then did not notice any negative reaction after eating the sour cream and ice cream. Rather than trying to start over with dairy aviodance, I decided just to wait until the end of that week when we were going to the pediatrician anyway and ask for her thoughts. She said it was very likely not anything I had been eating, but more likely the gastro-colic reflex which makes her have to poop after eating. She also said that Baby Girl is transitioning from pooping every time she eats to a more regular schedule of going a couple times a day and maybe not at all on some days, so that could be causing the fussiness. I've already noticed a decrease in the number of poops she has in a day, and she has started grunting and squirming more rather than crying. What a relief because we have a Cold Stone 5 minutes from our house and I am pretty well addicted to ice cream.

Until next time... :]

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