Monday, June 28, 2010

Chronicle Coming Up

I first began the 24-hour chronicle on Thursday night at bed time like I had mentioned in my last post. Then I realized that the next 24 hours were not going to be a very good sampling of what our "typical" days look like. First of all, we had gone to the Orioles game Thursday night and didn't get home until very late, so Baby Girl wasn't in bed until midnight (ha, like how I said last time that we're in bed by then?). Beyond that, the next morning we were scheduled to have our FiOS hooked up, so Josh wasn't going into work. This makes things dramatically different because I can send our sweet girl downstairs with him after the 6am (or thereabouts) feeding and snooze for a few more hours. This is definitely not typical. So then we had the weekend which is also not typical because Josh is home to help out and I get to do a lot of other things I wouldn't on a regular day. I decided that if the purpose was to show what a SAHM of a small baby does all day, that would be a little misleading. As a result, I ended up starting the chronicle last night at bed time and will post probably tomorrow. Stay tuned... :]

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