Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day in Our Life

Here is my chronicle of 24 hours beginning Sunday night at bedtime and ending Monday night at bedtime. The point is to give an example of what a stay-at-home mom of a very young baby does all day. It seems like there wouldn't be much going on, and some days are busier than others, but you may be surprised. I will freely admit that I think I have an easy baby. I decided to create this post because I thought That Wife had a particularly taxing day as compared to my usual day. Anyway, here goes...

9:00 pm
Snuggled and ready for bed

10:30 pm
I go to bed for the night

6:00 am
Sweet Baby Girl wakes up, eats and goes back to sleep

9:03 am
Good morning! Ready to be changed and eat.

9:20 am
SBG is done eating, happy, and we chat in bed for a little while

9:40 am
SBG sits in her boppy pillow while I get dressed, put in contacts, get hair under control, and pick out her clothes for the day

9:50 am
SBG is dressed and ready for the day!

9:55 am
SBG sits in her swing while I make breakfast and try to eat before she is done with swinging!

10:10 am
SBG is done swinging
After I got her out of the swing I put her in the Moby wrap which bought me some time to check email and maybe upload some pictures

11:00 am
We need to empty the dishwasher, and it's not because the sink and counter are full of dirty dishes. We don't have dirty dishes at our house...
...made possible by the Moby wrap!
11:15 am
Feed SBG again, update blog

11:45 am
Head out to meet my friend Leighanne for lunch

12:00 pm
Lunch with Leighanne!

All done lunch and headed to Target to pick up some necessities

1:50 pm
Leave Target and hurry to get in the car - thunderstorm approaching!

Racing the clouds home...

This picture doesn't quite capture the magnitude of the downpour, but we did not win our race with the clouds :[

2:10 pm
Time to eat again!

3:00 pm
Make faces and chat with SBG for as long as she'll let me!
This is her pirate face, arrrr!

Time to change SBG's diaper! I realize this is one of the only pictures of her getting a Diaper change, but I DID change her throughout the day, I promise!

4:15 pm
Take out tilapia to thaw for dinner
4:20 pm
Back to making faces until daddy gets home

5:00 pm
Daddy's home! I hand SBG over for her much-loved daddy time.
They hang out while I make dinner

Dinner is ready- Tilapia, rice and steamed broccoli
Can't forget to feed the furry friend, too!
SBG sleeps in the Moby while we eat dinner

After dinner I work on some paperwork for the business I'm starting

SBG wakes up, eats again, and chills out on the couch with us

9:30 pm
Back in bed for the night, snug as a bug :]

And there you have it. What do you think?


  1. I think that you are INCREDIBLY lucky that she sleeps that much at night! I am in serious envy and amazement! Maddy didn't sleep like that until she was almost a year old. Some babies are just good sleepers, you lucky duck. Please wish one of those for me next time! Loved the pictures and looks like you are really enjoying the good life of being a mother (isn't it the best? yes it is). :)

  2. are you kidding me she slept that long???????? i cant get more than one 4hr period! grrrrrr

  3. I love, love, loved this post! It was so sweet and I loved spending the day with you! I'm thinking of doing this on my blog, if I can remember to take pictures for a full day. It sounds incredibly daunting!

  4. Ummm yes... she sleeps ALL NIGHT!?? Is that TYPICAL for her!?? ughhh so jealous. Well, actually, my SBG did the same thing- starting at about 8 wks and hasn't stopped since! only wakes up crying at night if she's teething or sick. Unfortunately new baby boy? not so much! haha. Sounds like you're loving every minute as is Daddy and SBG! She's SO precious- thanks for sharing a peek into your beautiful wonderful life! :)


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