Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is It Just Me...

...or do you find some of these coincidences happening to you too?
  • As soon as I pull into a parking space at the store, there goes the cart boy with all the carts leaving me to lug the baby carrier in my arms. I've built some considerable strength this way.
  • I might not get dressed until halfway through the day, but at whatever time I put on those clean clothes for the day, my baby will immediately spit up on my shoulder. I'll be honest, my wardrobe of suitable post-baby clothing is limited as it is, so this has challenged my creativity just a tad.
  • No one needs to call me until I've just gotten the baby to sleep. Then suddenly my phones start ringing, but not all at once. First the cell, then the house, then the noise from someone leaving a message on the cell. I promise, I'm not that important! At least I've finally got our house phone on the Do Not Call registry. Small victories.
  • UPS also seems to know when my baby falls asleep because that's exactly when they ring the doorbell to set the dog off barking like he's insane. I should take my mother's approach and post a warning: "Sleeping Baby! Do not ring doorbell - vicious woman will attack!" True story, she had a note saying exactly that which she posted on her door when my niece was sleeping.
  • My baby could be the happiest girl you've ever seen, talking, smiling, playing. As soon as my lunch is ready she falls apart. Maybe cold lunch is the answer? And there's no sense in waiting for naptime as in that case it will never come. I've had 5:00 lunches due to this very scenario.
Now, I'm not the type to actually believe that everything that happens around me is about me, or that my baby, the UPS guy, or anyone else are out to get me in any way. But some days I would be easily convinced! I can't complain though - these are the JOYS of mommyhood, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the wide world :]

Have your own JOYS to share? Leave a comment! (I'd love the company!)

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  1. I still occasionally post those signs if it has been a hard day for the Madster and she needs her sleep. I definitely did it when she was a baby. As for all the rest, that's why I don't call my new mom friends. I text and then if they can talk they often call me back. As for my joys lately, it would be having a toddler that won't nap but is so crabby later in the day. She is also extremely independent right now but can't actually do things all that well so she gets frustrated. But I completely agree, these are the things I wouldn't change for anything.


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