Monday, August 23, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome back for the second ever "Not Me!" Monday on The Luckiest. You'll notice there aren't quite as many things that I didn't do the past 2 weeks. Mostly that's because I'm not great at remembering all those things that don't happen. I am trying to get better though :]

So these past 2 weeks I have definitely not noticed a growing pile of magazines sitting around my house that continue to arrive despite my lack of time to read them. I would totally not subscribe to four magazines when I have a 4 month-old baby to take care of. Moreover I would never delude myself into believing I'll get around to reading them "at some point" and insist my husband not recycle them. That would be crazy. I also have not been sitting on the couch chatting and watching tv to later notice the throw pillow beside me covered in spit-up. I definitely pay much closer attention to my baby than that! I would never return from washing my hands after a diaper change to find my baby diaper-less. Seeing that she is too small to take off her own diaper, that would mean I had forgotten to put a new one on her, and I would never do such a thing! I am a much better mommy than that. Finally I most certainly did not transport my baby in a laundry basket, much less atop a heap of dirty clothes (gross!), even if that might be the only way to get my baby and a basket of laundry down to the basement safely. Who would do that?! Not me, that's for sure!

Need to get some of those things you haven't done lately off your chest? Leave them in a comment here or in a post on your own blog.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I most certainly did NOT forget that I had taken EVERYTHING out of my car in preparation to take it to the shop, then leave for school in it (one last time before it gets dropped off) and forget my EZ Pass, which also did NOT require me to blow through the toll without paying it this morning. I mean, the dumb thing was sitting right there in plain sight on the table, so I couldn't miss it, of course. And on my way in to school, I did NOT realize that I had also NOT forgotten my parking permit, nor had I NOT forgotten money to pay for parking. And I DEFINITELY did NOT, upon exiting my vehicle and heading to the elevator in the garage, realize that I had NOT also forgotten my student ID. All this after NOT forgetting to buy creamer after NOT brewing a pot of coffee which I did NOT then have to toss down the drain in favor of going to Starbucks. And after NOT having a total breakdown about my life the night before, this was NOT the exact opposite of what I needed this morning! So, in conclusion, since none of this happened, I certainly did NOT have to walk out in the middle of a video and just leave school for the day at 9:40am. Good thing, huh? Whew. Oh, and I also did NOT, as I entered the building without my ID, try to casually pass by security unnoticed. And when I WAS noticed, I certainly did NOT then pretend to look for my ID like I thought I had it. Oye.


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