Friday, August 27, 2010

What my SBG is doing these days

A quick post to tell you the kinds of incredible, adorable, heart-melting things our Sweet Baby Girl is doing these days as a 4 month-old!
  • Laughing! (my fav)
  • Squealing when she's happy and excited
  • Sitting in her Bumbo
  • Chewing on everything
  • Sucking her thumb like she was professionally trained (seriously, how do they know how to do this?? Fingers curled over her nose and everything. It's cute.)
  • Loving her toys, burp cloths, blankets to chew on
  • Talking to herself and her toys (cutest is when she's in the back seat of the car by herself and I hear her back there having quiet conversation with Carle or her baby doll!)
  • Loving music, singing, and dancing
  • Sleeping better (shh, don't tell her I told you)
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Supporting her body weight on her legs
  • Hating tummy-time, but getting better
  • Occupying herself by babbling and chewing on her hands or clothes
  • Showing clear preference for mommy and daddy, and a touch of stranger anxiety
  • Playing with her feet which she has recently discovered
  • Turning when we say her name (whether it's the word or our tone, it's adorable)
  • Looking more and more like her dad every day
  • Capturing hearts :]

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