Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Are you ready for this? It's the very first Not Me! Monday on The Luckiest! Not Me! Monday is inspired by MckMama, a far more proficient blogger than myself. While I used to do Say What?! Wednesday, I feel that will be far less entertaining since I am no longer teaching. Most of my material for that came from students and their infinite indiscretion. I have not participated in Not Me! Monday thus far because I always felt like it would be far more interesting if I had children. Well now that I am full-time mom-ing it, I've discovered a few silly things I could [not] own up to in a Not Me! Monday post. So here it is...

I most definitely have not left the house in a shirt that I knew had something on it figuring that people would see my baby and excuse it with a smile. How disgusting. I would never do such a thing. I've also never propped my 3 month old baby on the couch to watch TV (which she absolutely does not find so fascinating) to distract her while I made a phone call. Are you kidding me? What kind of mother does that. Not me, I can tell you that. I've never caught my reflection in the car window after being in the UPS store to discover that a good portion of my bra was showing. Nope, not I. I am always impeccably dressed and put together despite toting a 30 pound baby carrier and diaper bag everywhere I go. And I must add that although my baby loves to sing and dance, I would never be caught singing Lady Gaga to her, because she definitely does not seem to love a song titled "Bad Romance" more than say, Old MacDonald. I wouldn't sit and watch my baby's photos on our screensaver because she's irresistibly cute instead of getting anything else done while she naps. Nope, I am always productive during nap time. And lastly, you would never find my baby laying naked and wet on her changing table after a bath while I ran upstairs to get her towel that I had forgotten. Ohhhh no, I never forget obvious things like that. Not me :]

So what do you say? Would you like to share what you have not been up to lately? If so, join the Not Me! Monday fun! Leave your stories in a comment or post on your own blog! Happy Monday, everyone :]


  1. Awww... she's a cutie! Congrats! (and I relate!)

  2. OMG- I just laughed hysterically out loud. Loved this and I could relate 100%! Ha! I gotta think about my "Not Me"s and add soon. A lot of yours were things I have done...I mean, have not done :) heee heee

  3. I certainly have not forgotten to brush my teeth for a day or even two because that would be quite disgusting and my 2 month old allows plenty of me time. I did not throw a diaper into the toliet instead if the trash can because I am a great b ball player.


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