Saturday, August 28, 2010

The cutest game I've ever seen

Our baby girl has been playing this little game while she eats (particularly at nap and bed times). If she were a bottle-fed baby I would show a video, but she's not so I won't. She will stop and look up at me. In the sweetest little sing-song voice she starts cooing at me. She looks so frickin adorable because her hair is a little sweaty from resting on my arm, and her cheeks and nose are a little pink from being close against my skin. And she'll just look up at me so expectantly, cooing away. She will continue to stare at me until I look down at her. At that point her face lights up with a grin and she lets out an excited coo. What can I do? Usually I crack up, kiss her a few hundred times and tell her I love her. Then she gives another grin and goes back to eating. Within 60 seconds we repeat that cycle, and so it goes until she falls asleep or is finished eating. I'm in love :]

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