Monday, August 23, 2010

My Thoughts on the Baby Schedule

Thanks for your comments about the baby schedule I wrote about in my last post! I thought it was interesting the different things you noticed about that schedule, and how all three comments pointed out something different than what I had noticed.

What caught my eye about that schedule were the times it said things like, "he sits in his bouncer while I do laundry" or "he sits on my lap while I go on the internet or watch TV." My day is not quite as structured as that one at this point, but I don't have time scheduled for our baby to sit by herself in a swing or bouncer while I do other things. If something needs to be done around the house, I usually try to do it while she's napping. If I absolutely can't get it all done at nap time then she either does it with me (this is usually how it goes), or I might use her bouncy seat or Bumbo to get it done quickly, or I wait until my husband is home and get it done while they are playing.

So I don't know if it's just me that doesn't schedule time like that, or if anyone else found that interesting. Maybe it's because I'm a new mom, but I feel like when she's awake I want to talk to her and play with her. Rarely do I sit her down and then engage in something else. If I do (like now) she is beside me on the couch and I talk with her or pick her up while I'm working. Am I still just overly-fascinated with my little miracle? Am I ruining her by being engaged with her too much during the day? Will she not know how to entertain herself as she gets older and require constant interaction? I am talking to you, Mom-friends! What is the scoop on this issue?

And because I know you're curious, tonight I will start another 24-hour chronicle of what life is like with our now 4 month-old baby girl!


  1. Well I will preface this comment by saying that one can never be too fascinated with a newborn. They are just fascinating little people! But I did have a little chuckle reading your post because I was not as dedicated as you are. I put Maddy in her swing or bouncer pretty often because 1. my back wasn't in the greatest condition after being pregnant with her so carrying her around wasn't ideal (and she didn't much like the sling or carrier) and 2. because she really loved her bouncy seat. She was such a curious baby that she didn't really like to be snuggled all that much (believe me we tried! Hope we get a snuggler next time!). She loved to be in places where she could be observing the world. So anyway, I guess my main point is definitely every baby is different. I don't think there is a normal for newborns lol!

  2. You know very well that you can't ruin a newborn. HOWEVER, I'm of the mind that if a kid is happy in her swing or bouncer, I usually leave her to just watch what's going on. Only because they already absorb so much just from watching you vacuum, listening to your phone conversations and just being toted around in the carrier. I will say that Lucy got far more attention than Molly did, but Molly is making up for it now with her craziness. I don't think MORE attention would have made much difference. Just being in the loop and in the middle of the action is enough for most kids, and I feel like they need to learn how to just "be." That said, Lucy wasn't a snuggler and didn't want to be held. Molly was very happy to just sit in the sling and watch the world go by. I think it really depends on the kid!

  3. Good to know! I guess I should have mentioned that she does not particularly care to sit in the swing or bouncy seat for much longer than perhaps 10 minutes. Now that could be because she doesn't like them, OR because she's used to the interaction... she does seem to do ok with her play mat these days though.

  4. I was the exact same way my first time aroud... she rarely ever sat in a bouncer or a swing or her exersaucer- she was always in my lap and in my arms. She never was able to entertain herself or play independently... and she still can't. She always needs me to be there with her and do things with her. So, I am not sure if it's a corelation or not, but I don't really care.... she can need me as much as she wants because I know one day soon enough she won't need her mommy! :(

  5. I don't think you're spoiling her at all! I was always an on demand mommy to my infants, if they wanted me, they got me, if they wanted to nurse, they nursed. They're far too young (in my eyes, and my opinion) to be left alone to just sit if they're unhappy doing so. If they are content on their play mat, bumbo, swing, bouncy, what have you, then sure let them sit and be happy, but if the laundry piles up that day or the dishes don't get done because for whatever reason (and not always a reason we can decipher) they just want to BE with someone there is NO harm in cuddling, cooing, talking, engaging. I think it's good for her Em, and for you! You're bonding, and you're also teaching her :0) You keep doing what's best for you and sweet baby Carson, because you two are unique from all others, as all mommy/babies are, no two are alike :0) Keep up the great work mama, love the blogs! So glad you get to stay home with her too!


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