Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Highlights

I've written full year-in-review posts before, but they are super time-consuming and nap time is winding down around here! Plus there are definitely some patches of 2012 that I'd rather not review so I'm choosing just to hit the highlights instead. Keeping it light as we bid 2012 adieu and welcome a brand new year! ;)

We began the year with some big projects in front of us. One of those was re-doing our kitchen. We managed to get half-way there. Can we say that's not "half bad?" I had originally wanted to replace appliances, paint the room (along with the rest of our main level), paint our ugly builder-oak cabinets white, and finally put down our tile. If you've been reading you'll probably recall that we managed to get the room painted and replace the appliances. Don't get me wrong, it's a giant improvement, but the other two items are still on my list of things to do. Here's to making them happen in 2013!

You may also recall the massive paint {in}decision of 2012 that I began the year with. While not exactly an enjoyable experience, we did finally pick a color and paint the entire main level, stairway and upstairs hall. I'm happy to report that I'm just as happy with the color today as I was the minute it went on the walls! Success :)

In the spring, C took her first dance class through our local parks & rec. council. She LOVED it. For me, it was just ok. It was a "mommy & me" class since she was barely 2 and most dance schools don't offer official lessons until 3 at the earliest. The downside for me was that we did the same exact things every single week. I didn't expect advanced instruction in clapping or stomping, but a little variety in the songs and activities wouldn't have been too much to ask. We'll be looking into actual ballet classes for the coming spring. C has since discovered/realized what ballerinas and ballet dance actually are and thinks they're amazing :)

We also celebrated C's 2nd birthday with a "Spring Fling" party. It was a fun gathering on a beautiful day with just our parents, siblings, and their children- a pretty decent crowd in itself. We had some lunch, played at the playground, and had dirt cups for birthday cake. Sorry boy cousins, but I'm pretty sure now that she's old enough to choose, this year's party will be very pink, if not totally princess themed.

This summer we did not take a family vacation. That's always a little sad for me because summer seems a little incomplete without one, but we had a great summer nonetheless. I officially started Eyeful Photography after lots of encouragement from friends and family I had taken photos for, and I bid my 20s farewell on June 1st! We also did a vegetarian challenge and tried a lot of new and amazing vegetarian dishes that we're still using, though we have gone back to including meat for variety's sake. We found that while there were many vegetarian dinners we loved, they weren't numerous enough to be enough variety for us. You can only do some form of beans/cheese/tortillas so many times before you're ready to move on. This summer also saw one of the best Os seasons of my lifetime. We went to a lot of games and had a lot of fun cheering on a {finally} winning team!

In mid-July we found out we were expecting our 2nd baby! That was definitely one of the very best parts of the year. We were hoping another one would arrive sometime around C's 3rd birthday and our due date is almost exactly 1 month before she turns 3. Perfect! Shortly after that, J had a big surgery in August and we spent 3 weeks at home together taking care of him and enjoying a new normal. I wasn't feeling my best since it was the first trimester of pregnancy but that faded pretty much on time around week 13-14.

I wish I could tell you about the month of September, but all I remember was that it went by in a blink. By the end of it, we were excitedly sharing the news of our new baby though :)

October was another whirlwind because we were not only trying to squeeze in fall fun, but we were preparing for J's sister, Jennie's wedding at the end of the month. We managed to do all the fun things we wanted to like going to the pumpkin patch with my brother and sister and their kids, having a fall-food & craft day at my mom's, half-a-gajillion family birthdays, helping my sister move, and finally Jennie's wedding on the 27th and Halloween on the 31st.

On Halloween we also had our 20-week anatomy sonogram and found out that our new baby is a girl! We decided that day to name her Reagan, and now we're just 12 weeks away from meeting her face-to-face

Much like I did on the blog, I'm skipping November. Highlights only, remember? ;)

December was full of advent activities, Christmas decorating, festive gatherings, and of course our merry little Christmas itself :)

It's hard to believe another year has passed. For many reasons I'm happy to say goodbye to 2012 and move on, but there were certainly many, many more happy moments, memories made, and amazing life events that I will always cherish. Tonight we're celebrating "in" with some close friends. That's just our style- rather than going big, we tend to go for quality with very special people (and yes, tonight that will include C!). However you'll be celebrating, I hope it's fantastic :)

I'll save a coming-up-in-2013 post for next year....  new year's eve humor :D

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