Thursday, December 20, 2012

Valley View Farms

Yesterday there was a water main break at J's work and his building was without water. He had to come home at 9 anyway because I had to go do my 1-hour glucose challenge test, so he decided to just take the day. We thought that would make it a perfect day to go visit Valley View Farms!

Originally a roadside produce stand, this place has grown into a gigantic garden center famous for their extensive display of Christmas merchandise during the holiday season. Since C asks to go see the Christmas trees on display in Target every. single. time. we're there, I knew she would be completely in awe of the endless aisles of Christmas trees and decorations at Valley View Farms. I was right ;)

Checking out an all-pink Christmas tree

One of the many intricate Christmas villages they have set up on display

Peanuts! We love the Peanuts :)

No surprise these two were drawn to this display

"A BIIIIIIIIIIG ice cream cone!"

She had to touch every piece of "necklace" she saw

More necklace

And even more necklace

She was a little unsure of the Nutcrackers after I made one say hello to her

All pink ornaments and decorations for breast cancer awareness

They even had a decorated dog house. I think she thought the puppies might be real

There were many themed trees. 
Yes, this one is "Jersey Shore" themed - like the tv show, not the actual place.

The Elvis themed tree

A "Yellow Submarine" themed tree (really?!)

I think you get the idea

Once our senses were thoroughly overloaded, we headed back home for lunch and happy nap! Another advent activity success :)

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