Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few More Advent Activities

We are fully enjoying our first week of advent! Yesterday we took some silly Christmas photos using a $1 mistletoe headband I found at Target and the remote shutter for my camera. I just propped the camera on the couch across from our Christmas tree and handed the remote to C. She thought it was so fabulous to push the button over and over and watch the camera fire away. And the pictures- while a little blurred, off-center, and otherwise imperfect (also unedited)- are cute little memories that will be making us laugh for years to come :]

Here are a few of my favorites...
 This is totally the moment she realized what that little button did, haha

 Daddy didn't have so much luck with the mistletoe...

But we had fun :]

And today we went to visit Santa at the mall. In years past this has not been a very successful endeavor.  Her first Christmas (8 months old) she pretty much just stared blankly. Last year she was terrified and climbing up daddy's arm.

Today she was so excited to go see him and was practicing what she wanted to say.... until we saw him. She didn't cry but she was still not totally willing to sit and chat. Instead she sat on daddy's lap, who sat on Santa's lap (Santa's suggestion), and nodded her head when he asked about her "Christmas bicycle" and "Christmas Barbie." He may have gotten a hint from daddy about those items. She was willing to tell him she wanted her Christmas bicycle to be pink though. I'd call it progress over last year if nothing else :]

She was much happier to model her outfit in front of the big poinsettia tree...

And then we got to have lunch with daddy before he headed back to work :] 

Stay tuned for more of our Advent activities! We have some crafty ones coming up and I'll surely be blogging to let you know how they turn out!

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