Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Merry Little Christmas

We've had a very busy week since Christmas, but I figured it was a good idea to get this post up before the new year! It's true that Christmas is totally different once you have your own children. I have to say that although this was C's third Christmas, it was by far the one I was most excited about (thus far) and the one that she was most excited about. There's just nothing that compares to delighting your child and watching your child be completely thrilled. Making the magic of Christmas and Santa come alive for her while at the same time introducing Jesus and His birth as the whole reason we celebrate just brought our holiday cheer to a whole new level this year.

Christmas eve surprised us with some snow flurries. Although it hardly appears to be snowing in these pictures, there was a light dusting on the ground when it finally stopped and there were even some leftovers (especially further north where our parents live) on Christmas day. Regardless, C was totally excited about it.

Later that night...

We spent Christmas day celebrating first at home, then at Josh's parents' house, and finished the day at my parents' house. It was a stellar day all around filled with fun, food, and best of all our wonderful families!

Side note: Please forgive the world's worst white balance in these photos. Josh insisted the blinds be closed with indoor lights on even though it was daylight outside, so my white balance was horribly confused and off kilter. I chose orangey on the daylight setting over bright blue on the incandescent setting :-/

New boots!

The "Christmas Barbie" she had been asking for. We went with Skipper since C is only 2.5. Bonus- she has a pug puppy :)

Daddy may have also picked up the Barbie & Ken set from Toy Story 3, one of C's very favorite movies. 

And finally, her "Christmas Bicycle!"

For the first time this year we did breakfast at home before heading out to our parents' houses. I prepped it the night before (in about 5 minutes, not counting the bacon cooking) and then baked it in the morning while C was opening her gifts. It was really good. I'll share the recipe later!

Off to Josh's parents' house!

Her Jessie doll was the toy that she wouldn't put down all day.

It was a quieter celebration at my mom's. My sister had a sick kid so she and her 5 munchkins stayed home. It was just us, my brother, his wife and their 1-year old. We still made an amazing dinner of locally-known-as-the-best-around crab cakes and filet mignon with salad, potatoes, and green beans. Once we were sufficiently stuffed we opened presents, enjoyed some pie and coffee, and then called it a night.

Merry Christmas, Eli!
{Blurry, but so cute :)}

Pretending she's drinking from an Orioles shot-glass mug my mom gave to Josh. C totally thought it was just a coffee mug made for her.


And thus concluded our very blessed, very yummy, very merry little Christmas spent with the people we love most. We certainly couldn't ever ask for more than that :) 

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