Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Symphony of Lights

Last night we decided to go to a locally famous Christmas attraction called the Symphony of Lights. It's a giant, drive-through Christmas lights display put on by the county hospital and sponsored by lots of local businesses. We found a Living Social deal for 50% off admission (regularly $20 per car) so we thought it would definitely be worth $10.

It was interesting. I would definitely say the displays are showing some age, but some of them were really cute and of course C found it fascinating. I personally felt like it was worth $10 for the experience but might have been a little disappointed if we had paid $20. It goes to support the hospital though so I'm not going to complain. It might not be an annual family tradition though.

I tried to capture some photos while we drove through but they aren't the best. They should give you an idea though if its something you've never seen.

{Teddy bears throwing snowballs at each other}

{Toy soldiers that lit canons. On the other side of the driving path a little "explosion" would light up}

(Terrible photo, but this is a polar bear riding a snowmobile with a penguin}

When we got home it was time for our hot cocoa night (another planned advent activity, in addition to seeing the Symphony of Lights)! C had never had hot cocoa before but was so very excited about it. She ran around yelling, "I LOOOVE cocoa!"

Despite all of her thrill and excitement over the cocoa, she was done after about three sips. Usually she is crazy about anything chocolate, so I thought for sure she'd love the cocoa. Not so much! That's ok, it will save us from hearing her beg for it every night ;)

Two more advent activities complete, and only 6 days left until Christmas!!

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