Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Gift Tags

As the gift wrapping gets under way around here, I thought I would share the one aspect of my wrapping that is DIY this year! I am using all of my white card stock scraps to make gift tags! What else do you do with all those remnants anyway?? It's the easiest thing in the world. I'm not measuring or anything, just cutting my remnants (mostly big strips/rectangles) into small rectangles and trimming the corners on one end. They're somewhat imperfect, but close enough that you'd never be able to tell unless you really looked hard. To add a little festive touch, I'm using a silver Sharpie to make a border just away from the edge. You could use any color you wanted to suit the occasion or match the gift wrap you're using.

Since I'm a recycler/re-user, I totally re-use gift bags that are in decent shape. I just hate when I have a perfectly good gift bag but the tag has already been written on. These gift tags are super easy to attach to gift bags, solving that problem! I just use a hole punch to make a hole, and then cut a slice from the edge of the tag into the hole. You can easily slip the handle of the gift bag into the hole but it closes up well enough that the tag stays on.

I've seen a lot of great ideas for DIY gift tags out on Pinterest but I must admit I haven't looked at many of them. This is a great way to save yourself from having to spend an extra $5-$10 on gift tags considering an entire pack of 50 sheets of white, 8.5x11" card stock is $1.99. That's practically gift tags for life. My husband asked me to make some for him and I had 10 of them ready in less than 5 minutes. They could easily be made while watching a Christmas movie or catching up on your DVR, then when you're ready to wrap your tags will be there waiting for you :)

Happy wrapping!

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