Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Months Old

It's true! My teeny tiny baby girl that we (you included) were so anxiously waiting for just yesterday is 5 months old today.

It's also true what they say about how quickly time goes. I hate admitting that time is flying by, but I know that when you're having as much fun as we are, it's bound to move a little quicker than it did back in my days of managing teenagers all day. I have resolved myself to soak in every single second with her since there is nothing I can do about time passing. I'm in no hurry to leave her with a sitter, or have her sleep all the way through the night, or go to sleep on her own just by being put in her bed. In fact, I am rather enjoying every minute of her wanting to be with us and a little too fearful for a sitter. I like holding her, nursing her, and singing to her while she falls asleep. I don't even mind waking up with her a few times in the middle of the night. I love that she still loves to snuggle with me in my bed in the mornings and is content to lay beside me chit-chatting for as long as I need to be ready to drag myself out of bed. You can bet those mornings are cherished.

So yes, time feels like it's going quickly. But I will not let a single second pass without notice. I take pictures almost every single day and have more than filled an entire memory card since her birth. It's all we get to bring with us as time passes.

And what is my sweet little bebe up to these days as a 5 month-old? Well, she is rolling over like crazy. She is liking tummy time more and more. She talks all day and is making some new consonant sounds. Her current favorites include "goo" and "gee" and "dee." She kicks her legs like crazy when she is laying on her back, and has found her feet. She likes chewing on her toesies almost as much as chewing on her hands! She is also into scratching things (usually while she eats). She just opens and closes her fist gently sometimes against me or my clothes, sometimes against our couch which makes a nice zippy sound. She is still sucking her thumb and fingers and drooling a lot, but still doesn't have any teeth. I think all the hair she lost is starting to grow back in. It's a lot lighter than the hair she was born with. Her most very favorite thing of all is singing and dancing. She loves when you sing to her and dance in front of her. If you hold her hands or feet or dance her around, even better. Her daddy's family is very musical, so it wouldn't surprise me for her to take a special interest in it also.

Well, enough talking already, here are some pictures I took today:

She still leans forward when we sit her up

but she's getting better sitting in her Boppy

Enjoying some tummmy time!

She can even do tummy time with no hands! A true talent :]

Yes, baby, we're talking about you!
And there you have it. The love of my life, 5 months old :]

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