Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Faces

Check out these adorable babies and the family members they look like!

This is my niece, Caraline (our baby girl's BFF!)
Would you say Caraline looks a little like the baby below??
This baby is my mom!

Here is our sweet girl...
Would you say she looks just a little like the baby below??
This baby is my husband!

Our baby girl again...
and her daddy again... whoa!

Another cute smile from our little one...
compare to this smile from her daddy :]

Is there any hope at all that this little face...
looks anything like her mommy???

You be the judge!

1 comment:

  1. I predict that as she grows, you'll see more and more hints of your nose, and maybe your eyes too. From the nose down, she's definitely all Josh. But I think some of her other features may still be up for grabs ;] It's not quite clear enough to tell yet, because her features still have that baby-softness, of course. We'll see... but I'm definitely predicting your nose at the very least.


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