Thursday, September 9, 2010

That's Why

I had to go to my place of work to drop a few things off. While there, I ran into some of my co-workers. One girl came up to me excitedly because she saw me with my baby. Her baby was born just a few weeks before mine and she was returning to work for the fall. She said hello to the baby and talked to her a little. Then she told me how much she misses her little one and asked if she could smell my daughter. OMG, it brought tears to my eyes, right there in the copy room. How heartbroken I would be if I had to ask to smell a baby for missing mine so much. I felt so bad for my friend, but so grateful and blessed to be visiting there and heading home to spend the rest of the day (and school year) taking care of my sweet tiny girl.

We recently had an event to go to as a family and I was struggling to find something to wear. Four months post-preggo I am back to pre-preggo weight, but my body is very different and so my clothes just don't look the same on me. It was a casual event, thankfully, but I still needed to look nice. After trying on what felt like 100 outfits and finally settling on jeans that kept the muffin-top to a minimum and a black shirt that hid it well enough (creative, right?) I emerged from the bedroom. I warned my husband not to tell me I looked cute because I just wasn't feeling it (sad, I know). I did later let him know I had cooled off enough that I could handle him complimenting me. We laughed about it, but I know I had acted a little silly over the whole issue. So the next day I woke up to a card on the kitchen table. It was from my husband telling me how much he loved me and how he hated seeing me so frustrated over my clothes. There was also a gift card for my favorite store which he insisted I use to get some new clothes. Here I've just quit working which has caused us to have to re-work the budget, and he is insisting that I have new clothes. What a guy :]

I've mentioned before that I had a "plan" for how to make up for some of my lost income. I've been working on a process to implement that plan, but it's going a little slower than I had originally thought. My husband and I were having lunch the other day (he surprised me and met me at the mall when I was shopping for those new clothes) and he confessed that he is trying to work everything out so that I don't have to make up for my lost income. He wants me to be able to focus just on spending time with and caring for our baby. I feel a certain amount of responsibility for our financial circumstances since I am the one who stopped working. Though, I know we would be in the same place financially if I was working and we had to pay for daycare. So to hear my hubby talk about wanting me to just be able to stay home and care for our little girl non-stop really warms my heart.

If there's one thing I know, it's that I'm blessed. I count my husband and daughter as two very clear examples of how much God loves me. So if you ever wondered why I call myself The Luckiest, that's why.

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  1. *sigh***** what a great hubby! love that he is taking great care of you! i know how you feel about clothes! it is so disheartening to want to fit into your clothes. i cry about it a lot to my hubby...he says that i look great- but, i don't feel great. so, i am with ya!


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