Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome back to "Not Me!" Monday on The Luckiest. Inspired by blogger extraordinaire, MckMama, this little piece is intended to share the very human things we all (never) do and live to laugh about... much, much later, of course!

I'll start:

I would not dream of entering a contest to win a property worth $1.5 million knowing very well I'd have to sell everything I own to pay the taxes on it... twice a day for the duration of the contest. I'd have to be crazy to do something so silly. I have also never had a dream in which I discover a ton of hidden storage in the bottom of my dresser. Who dreams about stuff like that? Not me! And even if I had, it certainly could not be due to the fact that HGTV is on in my house all the time. We barely watch tv at all! I know for sure that I've never eaten apple pie for breakfast - 2 days in a row. Nor would I ever allow myself "dessert" after breakfast. Goodness, I'm trying to lose baby weight here! I don't know who could justify so many calories. Lastly, I would not be caught camped in my living room, with my baby and her bassinet, because my husband was away for the night. And I would definitely not be sitting on the couch with bug-killer next to me, just in case. No, not me. I am an adult after all.

So that's what I have not been up to. How about you?

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