Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It might be a day late, but here it is anyway! I don't want to disappoint my readership :]

Over the past two weeks I could not have been caught absentmindedly ordering the wrong size coffee merely as a result of thinking about the name of the larger size, only to realize my mistake when a presented with a huge cup of coffee. How silly! I also did not dress my baby up entirely in my favorite NFL team's attire and take her to get an autograph and photo with one of the stars of the team as if she were a fan herself. We all know babies have no idea what football is, much less are they actually fans of a team! I can tell you that I definitely did not attempt to cure a headache by eating a popsicle, fooling myself into believing that the "brain freeze" would be the same as applying ice to my pounding cranium. Who would try such a thing? I would never be so crazy as to schedule a family photo shoot on the same day my baby got her 4 month shots. No, sir. Not this girl. And I certainly did not shatter a (obviously cheaply-made) DVD case by throwing it at my dog, who was not barking his head off at nothing while the baby was sleeping. No, nothing like that ever happens at my house. Not me!

How about you? Go ahead and share some of the things you have not been up to in a comment, or leave a link to your "Not Me!" post on your own blog!

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  1. i most certainly did not say to my husband to "check" jay's diaper when i knew he had just pooped. i would never do that...


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