Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Current Events

I find that Tuesdays are generally not exciting. They're actually my least favorite day of the week (except that I was born on a Tuesday) since you feel like the week is well under way after a long Monday, yet you realize that there are still three more days between you and weekend fun. I hate wishing life away though, so I won't say that I hope Tuesday is over quickly. I'll just say that there's not a lot happening in my life on Tuesdays. Ha, was that meta enough for you?

So I decided I'd hit some current events today and share a few news items that I find interesting. It's mostly, but not all, political and conservative. Save yourself now, if needed.

...but those who DIDN'T vote for Obama are the racists.

A really cool article about why it's not so horrible that your kid - or husband - plays video games :)

I can respect this 100x more than standing/sitting with a cardboard sign, and will happily fork over my change!

Illegal immigrants get a helpline

There aren't really any words for this one...

Proof that you don't need high school math to be a billionaire!

And if you still seriously believe that wealthy Americans aren't paying their share of taxes...

I realize that these articles are probably 46x the amount of reading that you get out of one of my ordinary posts, so I'll stop there. Just some things to ponder. Hopefully they were of interest on some level to some of you. As always, I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts on any or all of the articles/topics, even if you disagree. Just be respectful, ok? I'll nix any legitimate hate.

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  1. I'm not a conservative, and most times we don't see eye to eye on politics, but this last year (even though we've still a good 1/4 to go) has been an embarrassment. NOT just for me as a voter of Obama, but as an American! I CRINGE when I think of the direction we're headed. I literally CRINGE. It's the first time in my adult life I've actually been concerned and scared for us and our future. It's disgraceful. AND, dare I say it, so far during the election talks I've found myself favoring republican candidates :0) (insert dramatic gasp here). But most of all I'm just tired of "parties". I want people to sit back and focus on what's good for our country as a whole. That appears to be a very hard thing to do these days.I've rambled. Sorry.I do love love love your blog :0)And the updated photos on the side there :0)Have a great week!


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