Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Go, Mo, No!

Funny title, right? Not if you're my 16-month old. These are just three of her favorite new words! She is repeating so much now, it's hard to believe. But these three words in particular have come to be very popular.

"Go" is what she calls yogurt. I think I've mentioned before that she has an obsession with Chobani yogurt. She would seriously eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks a day. It's not cheap either, so I don't allow that kind of Chobani indulgence. Sometimes I give it to her for some protein with oatmeal for breakfast and I'll also use it as my back-up if she doesn't like what we're having for dinner (I don't cook a separate kid meal) or if it's a particularly long stretch between her lunch and dinner. But she knows how to ask for it and will run up to our refrigerator, bang on the door with her hand and yell, "goooOOOOOoo!" If I open the refrigerator and she catches a glimpse of it in there, same thing. If we're shopping in the store and she sees it on the shelf - or even better if I'm putting it in our cart - she starts yelling, "gooooOOOOOooo!" And that's how she says it. She jumps up an octave in the middle of the word and then comes back down. Kind of hilarious... if you're me, anyway. She will also hold her arms out, palms up and ask, "go?" as in, "where did (something/someone) go?"

"Mo" as I think I've also mentioned is what she calls her nose. For the longest time she called all parts of the face "eyes" I guess because that was all she knew how to say. Eventually she started calling ears "eeeeee" and nose "mo." Best part is that she often says them the same way she says "go," nice and long with a jump in octave mid-word. I thought "mo" was particularly cute and ask her to find the nose on just about everything we look at that has a face. A few times I have heard her call it "no" instead of "mo" and I'm actually a little sad that she'll probably say it the right way soon. Why does she have to grow up??

"No" might just be her very favorite word right now. And she's not even terrible-two yet! She has learned to repeat "no" as a reprimand exactly the way we say it to her. At first she would say, "nononononono" and it was kind of cute. But now she says it with some authority and even points her finger! Part of me feels bad because I don't want other people to think she gets yelled at all the time. She is actually a really well behaved baby. But on the other hand, I like that she knows the word and knows what it means/how to use it. I don't want her to be a child that doesn't even look up when they hear the word because it never gets used around them. And I want her to know how to use it if she needs to (e.g. if she's playing and another kid does something that isn't nice, I'd rather her point and say "no" than hit, or just sit there and cry).

Some of her other new words lately-  Leo and Colt (her cousins), nice, beans, peas, baby, and night-night. She has also recently started making all those animal sounds we've been working on forever including- cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, horses, Sheppie (our dog) and believe it or not, goldfish (they say "blub blub blub" in case you were wondering).

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