Friday, September 23, 2011

We Meet Again...

Oh, fall. I'm never ready when you get here. I'm never happy to see you. And yet, here you are again. Why do you have to keep coming back? As many people's "favorite season" you're really just a couple weeks of fair warning that your evil twin, Winter will be here momentarily. When people talk about our region of the country, having "four seasons" is always mentioned as a perk. I beg to differ. There are two seasons. About a month and a half of summer, and then winter. It could be worse, yes. I could live at the North Pole. But I don't because I hate being cold. I could also move somewhere warmer (Texas?) but I love my family enough to endure the cold in order to be close to them. Yes, they're that awesome.

As I look out my windows today at the pouring rain, it sinks in that my precious summer, for which I wait what feels like forever, is really gone. And the long wait begins again. Months and months of ugly, gray, death lie between me and my next summer.

It's a good thing that these next few months ahead are festive ones. The joy of the holidays (for me, the season is Halloween - New Year) is often enough to distract me from the dullness of winter. Once the holiday season is over, then the real drudgery begins. The time between January and May (still winter by my standards) feels like it moves at a snail's pace. Then I blink a few times and it's fall again. So sneaky. Maybe I'll throw a mid-winter/post-holidays party this year. Something to plan and look forward to. Or maybe I'll start a big home project. I think I've got my paint color for the shared spaces narrowed down to three. I'm thinking of getting some sample cans and painting the swatches on the walls in different spots. Certainly the spaces will need some updated decor once they're painted, right?

Tell me I'm not the only one going through this. Does anyone else get sad about winter? What do you love to do during the fall and winter seasons that make them fun? Any ideas for me, especially post-holidays? I'll have to keep things low budget since I don't work (except babysitting, but that's not exactly a home-reno fund). Share some ideas, y'all have been super quiet on the comments lately :)

Oh, and um.... happy fall... I guess.


  1. Hahahaha, I love fall, but like your summer, I don't think it lasts long enough. I love the color, crips and cool days, the excitement of back to school, and all the festive family oriented festivities it brings. I too am with you on the winter front. I hate it. Cold, too cold. It's not the winter you can gear up and go play in, it's the deathly kind, and it's very un fun. And with small children, being cooped up in the house for 5 long months is torture to us all. We have a membership to a children's museum here in Rochester NY and we do a lot of the Library stuff aimed for kids. Arts and crafts, movie nights, lots of reading, making up stories, baking. On days that it is actually above freezing (gasp) we'll go outside and spend a few minutes (haha) trying to run around and "play". It's a long drawn out season, one that last far too long.

  2. Oh, you totally put into words the things I have been thinking. That is exactly how I feel. I love Summer so much, I wait for flip flops and tank tops and I dread getting out all the heavy clothing, but I guess the long cold winter is what makes the Spring here so beautiful. I am already looking forward to those little buds on the trees.


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