Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eli Dropped By

My SIL had a doctor appointment in our area this morning, so we got to hang out with her little guy!

C even did what is known as "goy-goy" with him. This is the act of playing with one's neck skin while she sucks her thumb and says "goy-goy-goy-goy-goy" (really, we have no idea how this habit developed).

And we had a picnic with some wooden food

"Someone needs to tell this girl her food is made of wood. Where are the real loaves of bread?"

Too bad he had to go home though. We had a pretty spirited jam sesh after nap time today...

Eventually it all ends in dancing. She even sang a little but she sang ABCs regardless of the song that was playing on the game, haha :)

It was a fun Thursday. We're looking forward to a nice long weekend including a wedding that J is officiating for some good friends of ours!

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