Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend! For us it was a weekend full of celebrations- a wedding, Memorial day, and our own six-years-in-love anniversary. Yep, six years ago we woke up one morning and just knew that we were officially "a thing." It was Memorial day weekend also, and we spent the day appropriately wandering around D.C. and Arlington holding hands, snapping pictures, and generally being smitten with each other and this brand new adventure we had just decided to begin. Such a great day with such great memories, not to mention the happiest six years of my life to follow :D So we had lots to celebrate this weekend! Here's the recap in photos...

Saturday afternoon we attended the wedding of our good friends Jon and Beth

J was the officiant, so he is presenting them with their official signed marriage certificate

Sunday we had our usual dinner at Nana's (my mom's), but we did a big cookout and it was amazing... burgers, dogs, corn on the cob, beans, broccoli salad, and it's not officially summer without peach pie (not in this family, anyway ;) Somehow we always end up putting together incredible holiday meals. De-lish!

Ready for fun in the sun with her cousins!

Monday we went to J's parents' house in the morning to hang out, swim, and have some lunch. We could not get over how enthusiastic C was about swimming! She was literally trying to push us off of her so we wouldn't hold on to her (in 3 feet of water, so letting go was not an option). I'm pretty sure if we would have had a vest for her she would have been paddling around on her own. Guess what we'll be trying next time? 

Since Monday was also our 6-years-in-luuurve anniversary, we celebrated that and our amazing men & women in uniform with some yummy cookout food :D

It was a little busy, but such a fun weekend. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family that we get to spend so much time with (isn't that the best way to spend a weekend?), and especially blessed to live in America where there are incredibly brave men and women who defend us so that we can enjoy our lives in peace and in freedom. 

Thank you to every veteran, especially those who have given their lives!

[PS- Tomorrow is a big day around here, so check back to see what we were up to!]

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