Monday, May 14, 2012

One Blessed Mama

I might call myself The Luckiest, but the truth is I don't attribute anything in my life to luck. The reality is that I am blessed. So very blessed. One of my greatest blessings, of course, is being a mother to my incredible baby girl.. which I certainly couldn't be without my incredible husband. They pretty much make my life. So on Mother's day, I wanted nothing else but to spend the day with them and that was what I got. Usually I like to score some special time with my own super-woman of a mom, but she was traveling home from vacation and we didn't get to see her.

My day started with a yummy breakfast made by J, and my favorite coffee from Starbucks :)  After breakfast we played outside on our deck with C for a little while because it was a beautiful day and she loves to be outside. Then we made our way down to the nearby park and J took some pictures of C and I together...

C was a good sport even though she was begging the whole time to go play with the kids. The playground was just behind J while he was taking the pictures, so if it seems like she's looking just past the camera - she is! 

After the park we came back home for lunch and nap time. I got to do some online shopping at one of my favorite stores thanks to a Mother's day gift card :D  Later we went up to J's parents' house to spend some time with his mom and have dinner. It was overall a really lovely day. Only thing I could have added was a visit with my own mom, but we're having brunch with her Wednesday and will be back to our regular Sunday dinners at her house this weekend after a 2 week hiatus for her vacation :)

Today, due to lots and lots of rain, I got to spend most of the day inside snuggling my sweet bebe girl and having some good old fashioned rainy-day fun. Luckily we had a great big dishwasher box sitting around and we made good use of it. I tossed the pillow and blanket in there and it was all over. I had to pry her out at lunch time. 

She's such a cutie and I am beyond blessed to be her mommy :D Time to get back to snuggling while our lasagna bakes... mmmmm, perfect dinner on a rainy day! I hope all the moms had a fantastic Mother's day!

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