Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Long-Awaited Kitchen

It was obvious to us some months ago that a play kitchen would be the perfect birthday gift four our sweet baby C's 2nd birthday. She pretty much attempts to use anything and everything as a bowl and spoon or some kind of cooking implement. So after a little bit of homework, on April 2nd we ordered a fabulous play kitchen. Turns out the one we picked out is an incredibly popular model and was back-ordered. At first it was supposed to ship no later than April 30, then May 2, then May 5, then May 16. So we waited and waited. Finally, on the 4th I got an email saying it had shipped, and it arrived today! 

We played outside while daddy put it together for her

It was love at first sight... but we kind of saw that coming.

Point scored for mom and dad :)

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