Monday, August 22, 2011

A Very Summer Weekend

A simple, lazy Friday night, an afternoon at the playground, staying up late to watch movies, a roaring afternoon thunderstorm, and a cookout with family. How's that for a summer weekend?

By the way, Aunt Erin, recognize this dress from last year??

That is exactly what our weekend was made of. We stayed in on Friday night for pizza and a pre-season Ravens game. It was perfect! The Ravens won, which made it even better. Bebe was cheering them and boooo-ing every time we mentioned the S-word (St--lers, that is. Not appropriate for my blog).

On Saturday we woke up to a very loud thunderstorm. Everyone had slept in, which is always a great start to Saturday :)  The rain cleared out quickly though and the rest of the day was pretty and sunny. We hit up Target- I forgot what it was like there at 9am, so nice! Daddy was headed to ComicCon in Baltimore for most of the day, so us girls were on our own. After Target, Lovey took her usual stellar morning nap while I cleaned the house. My sister-in-law was returning from vacation that afternoon so when she got home we hopped in the car and went over to the park together.

Bebe had so much fun toddling around like the big kids. She's still too small for a lot of the fun things they have at this playground, but it's really big so there's lots of space for her to run around. She loves being around other kids too, so she had a great time watching them and trying to play like they were playing.

I thought for sure she'd pass out when we got home since it was exactly her afternoon nap time and she had been running around outside for about an hour. She's been resisting the afternoon naps lately, and despite my best efforts at tiring her out, she resisted on Saturday too. I let her hang out and play in her bed for a while and then just brought her back downstairs.

Saturday night we also stayed in and watched a movie- Hall Pass, it was ok. I only half watch movies anyway, unless we start them after the munchkin goes to bed. Obviously that movie itself was not really for kids and she is getting to the age where she repeats things we say - she said no less than 4 new words just yesterday. So I spent a good portion of that movie playing on the floor with her and making sure she wasn't paying attention :)

On Sunday my husband attended day 2 of ComicCon and we relaxed at home. I snuck in a run while the little one napped, and just as I was about to shower afterwards the thunder started rumbling. According to the radar I had time for a quick shower so I made it speedy. When I got out, I looked out my bedroom window to see the tall trees behind our house going positively bonkers in the wind and our patio table with umbrella completely on it's side. Yikes! There was no tornado watch, which was my initial concern, but there were definitely storms on the way. It stormed big and loud for about an hour before the rain tapered off and the sun came out again. Bebe woke up from her nap shortly after the storm started so we (Jennie my SIL and I) were talking to her about what was going on out the window. Wouldn't you know she started saying, "Raaaaiiiiiin" and something that equated to "thunder" which I wouldn't be able to spell. You know babies, they barely use consonants when talking.

After the storms cleared out, Bebe and I headed up to my mom's house for our usual Sunday dinner. We grilled and ate and talked babies and kids. My brother's wife, Jenna is expecting in just 8 more weeks, so she had some questions for my sister and I. It's always so loud when we all get together at my mom's. Kids are laughing, running (against the rules, of course), fighting over toys, falling down, sitting in time out.... and we joke about how we definitely need more kids in the family :)  Of course we need more kids! They are all the fun! We all love it, they love each other, and most of all, my parents love it. A week wouldn't be a week without that gathering.

And here we are back at Monday. I don't know how that happens so suddenly. We have a week full of playdates ahead of us. Our first was this morning! My friend, Katherine came over to visit and we had a lovely time chatting and laughing at the munchkins. They were of course on their best behavior and promptly fought with each other and had meltdowns- which they never do. I think Katherine was as excited for nap time (her excuse to escape!) as I was :)

Next up, my friend Amanda is visiting us on Wednesday and my other friend Mary Beth is visiting on Thursday! My week is usually not so jam-packed with adult interactions, so I am beaming with excitement :)  Check back to read all about them later this week!

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