Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Thursday

Well it's an ordinary Thursday at The Luckiest household. I got up bright and early to greet my nephew, Austin at 8 a.m. when he usually arrives at our house for the day. The babies and I had some breakfast, played around on the floor, changed some diapers, and then went down for our naps. Well, they went down for their naps.

I decided that I was giving myself this week off from cleaning. I usually do my household chores while the babies sleep- the ones that won't wake them up, anyway. But since we've just returned from vacation and I did a thorough house cleaning before we left (hate coming home to a dirty house), I would allow myself this week to just relax at nap time. I know I just got back from relaxing on vacation - shhhh! Anyway, it was a good thing, because Austin slept for a whopping 25 minutes today! He's 9 months old and as long as he has been coming to my house (since he was 10 weeks old) he has not been a strong napper. Some days are great, some days he doesn't sleep at all the entire time he's here. Generally if he gets any amount of day time sleep, that's it for him for the day. Ten minutes in the car on the way here? No more naps for him that day. Problem is, my baby is a great napper, and if I'm persistent with getting him to nap he will get pretty loud and just wake my baby. So instead, we hang out on the deck.

We'll probably eat some lunch out here in a few minutes. Might as well get that done before there's another hungry munchkin looking for food. The rest of our afternoon is scheduled to look much like our morning. Eat, play, diapers, and eventually around 5 Austin will go home. You see why daily blogging could get a bit redundant. However, I am holding on to the hope that when it's easier to snap pictures of them playing, crying, eating, or putting orange slices in my flip-flops, that will make our routine days seem a bit spicier :) I mean, babies do cute, hilarious things all the time, right? Mine does anyway. Just yesterday I took no less than 89 pictures of my gorgeous girl's bed-head (look for those in an upcoming post). I didn't do anything to her hair all day because I thought her bed-head was so cute. Oye, what will become of me by kid #6? I'll have 18 external hard-drives in a Swiss vault, that's what.

I suppose that's sufficient blogging for one day. I truly am not sure what else to tell you about! Maybe we'll have an exciting afternoon or evening and you can get a 3rd post out of me tonight. I'm kidding. It's only my for chore-free nap time that I'm looking for things to occupy myself. Okay then, til next time!

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