Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Recent Cuteness

We haven't done anything different today than we did yesterday, so I decided to spare you from reading the same recap of our morning and instead post a whole bunch of pictures of my adorable child. You're welcome!!

So on Wednesday she woke up with the most ridiculous bed-head. I thought it was so cute I literally left it alone for the entire day... and took around 100 pictures.

Later on Wednesday evening we had pancakes for dinner because my hubby had a rough day and he loves pancakes. I made blueberry ones for her and she loved them!

On Thursday I decided to give her a little piggy-tail on top of her head to keep that crazy hair out of her face. I guess her hair was going to have the last word, because this piggy-tail looked more like a pinwheel on the side of her head.

"Take this, Kate Middleton with your silly fascinators!"

Today she got into her pile of (clean!) diapers and had a blast. 

She started throwing them on the floor, so I started throwing them back to her... ok, at her. It was hilarious! :)

First date? Prom night? Wedding? Check. Check. Check.

I'll stop there so I don't overwhelm you. She is pretty cute though, right? I mean, any kid who looks that adorable in a pile of diapers.... I'm just saying. I'm probably alienating readers left and right who realize that I've taken an unacceptable number of photos of my baby's hair, and followed those with pictures of her playing with her diapers. Such is life around here! When you're confined to four walls for 5 straight days you begin to find amusement in these types of things.

Stay tuned though... there is some actual excitement coming up over the next weeks and months. I can honestly say, despite what it means for the weather, I am looking forward to this fall! :)

(no, we're not pregnant)

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  1. You can put that outfit in the "pass-on-to-Jenna-whenever-she-gets-around-to-having-a-baby-girl" pile. Just wanted to let you know while I was thinking about it :-) And I happen to agree that she is the cutest thing ever, so you can keep posting crazy hair and diaper photos all day long!


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