Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday #12

Yesterday we celebrated my niece, Lacy's 12th birthday. Isn't she looking so much older than 12 in this photo? It's freaking me out. Big time.

She was the cutest though and got all dolled up in this adorable dress and new earrings and a necklace. When I was turning 12 I was nowhere near that put-together. My sister gave her tickets to see Selena Gomez and a kitten for her birthday. One heck of a birthday if you ask me. How do you top that the following year??

 The kitten is named Jack... Jack Sparrow. 

 This is my Bebe with my brother. Her dress was so cute I couldn't help taking a bunch of pictures of her, even though it was my niece's party.

 Delicous ice cream cake from a local homemade ice cream shop. I thought they did a pretty fabulous job of decorating it too.

We had a lovely time, once the shock of how grown up Lacy is wore off. When people talk about how fast kids grow up they simply aren't joking. I truly feel like she was just a pre-schooler a year or two ago. She has grown up into quite a young lady though. On top of being so cute and put-together, she is an incredible student and has gotten straight As for as long as I can remember. I went to her 5th grade graduation last year and she was that kid who was up on stage for every single award. She is popular with her friends and is one of the most kind-hearted and open minded children I've ever met. Kids, especially middle schoolers, can be real jerks. I am proud to say that she has not turned into one of those kids. She is learning to play guitar, and plays clarinet in the school band. She really wants to sing and act when she grows up but I think she's way too smart for that. Alas, in 6th grade I probably had aspirations of being a famous actress my own self. I like that she's still young enough to dream about what she thinks would be fun rather than just the practical reality of what will pay the bills. I miss those days.

It might be hard for me to handle her being so grown up- I miss the crazy munchkin she used to be (the one that thought she and I were sisters), but I am loving the kid she is growing up into :)

Happy Birthday, Lace/Space/Yace/Zippers!

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