Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Update!

Sorry I don't have Jimmy Fallon and/or Tina Fey to share with you the excitement that was my weekend - or more appropriately to make wisecracks about my weekend. But it was a fun weekend, and I was actually there so I can tell it better anyway.

Friday I spent the day cooking. I love cooking, especially for other people. I think it is just the sincerest way to show a person you care. It's meeting our most basic human need and if we can do it with a bit of style and pizzazz it can be really meaningful.

Part of my cooking on Friday was some BBQ beef brisket and stuffed shells that I was taking to friends of ours who are recovering from a tragedy in their lives. Food doesn't actually do anything to make it better, but I'm hoping that it saved them a tiny bit of additional stress over planning, shopping for and preparing a meal. Of course I hope it let them know that I care about them and want to help them feel better, too. I wish the circumstance hadn't come up at all, but I loved being able to do something for them. I took the food to their house on Friday night and had a quick little visit with them. It was nice to see them and get to chat a little. They seemed to be doing well considering all. 

The other food I made on Friday was a double batch of black-bottom brownie cupcakes. Sorry, it was too late at night for me to remember to take photos! I wung it (a term borrowed from my friend, Jeremy) a little since I had never made them before and they ended up being a big hit. They were for my sister-in-law, Jenna's baby shower on Saturday afternoon.
The shower was lots of fun. We had a packed house and torrential rain - always a great party combo :)  A handful of folks showed up that hadn't RSVPed, so there was some scrambling to make sure we were covered but no one seemed to notice. Score!
My new nephew, Eli is pretty well stocked for the first 6 months of his life at least. You just can't help but have a good time celebrating a new baby in the family. All those cute clothes and baby-life accessories.... why are there not adult equivalents of some of these things?
Not to mention it ups the anticipation of his arrival considerably. There are currently 6 grandchildren on my side of the family (children of my siblings and I) and I have to say that waiting for the 7th is just as exciting as any of the rest! Ten more weeks... :)

This morning we woke up to an extreme downpour. I love sleeping when it's raining. The sound is just soothing. So I dozed for a little while until our bebe girl woke up... 2 hours later than usual! All that partying yesterday must have worn her out. We had a lazy morning- made some breakfast, sipped some coffee, and just watched and giggled as Bebe toddled around the living room. She is way into shoes these days, so we pulled out her favorite pair for her to play with and stomp around in. You never get how amusing it can be to watch a baby until you have your own! The forecast called for rain all day, but about noon the sky started to clear. When Bebe took her nap I headed out to the grocery store. We are now stocked for the week which makes me oh-so-happy! I'm not always the best at grocery shopping on the weekends, so that leads to a long week of "What do you want for dinner? I don't know, what do we have? I don't know..." Blah, I hate that conversation. So this week will be easy! Yippee :)

The rest of the afternoon is up for grabs at this point. It's still sunny so we could potentially go outside for a walk or something of that nature. My husband has been hard at work this morning packing up a bunch of his basement stuff that has sold on eBay so he may continue that. Once he's on a roll he pretty much likes to power through so, we'll see! Hopefully everyone else has enjoyed a lovely weekend as well :)

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