Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Boys are Back in Town!

After a summer full of question marks about the NFL lockout and whether or not there would even be a season, we jumped at the chance to go watch our team practice this morning! Parking and admission were free, we just showed up and had fun! I knew I was in the spirit when my husband said "incline" and I began frantically looking around for ANQUAN Boldin before realizing we were walking up hill. Oops!  Here are the pictures from our Bebe's first ever M&T Stadium experience...

Giving the "touchdown" sign! Yes, our 15-month old is trained to do that when we yell the word "touchdown"  :) 

 Giving the boys a round of applause

Is there a cuter Ravens fan?? No, no there is not.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law

Maybe you can tell by our faces, but we were so thrilled to be there and to see our guys out on the field. We had a great time! Our Bebe has come to recognize the Ravens' logo and was excited to see that everywhere. And from being exposed to Os games and Ravens games for the entirety of her life, she knew exactly when to shout, clap and dance. Our purple hearts were practically leaping out of our chests. We could not have been prouder. And now, we wait excitedly and impatiently for our first pre-season game on Thursday night!

Good thing that it's about this time every year that the Os tank (or are completely beyond hope). We love those guys, but we are ready for some FOOTBALL!


  1. Holy cow, is Jennie married??? I am so out of the loop! I love the pictures of the three of you all together, I always treasure the photos I can have John and me AND all of the kids in the same picture, so rare!

  2. Jennie is not yet married (or engaged), but may as well be. They have talked about it and plan on getting married sometime after she finishes grad school in December. Michael is a family member- no question :)


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